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Fruit Curliwurlier


Have you ever wondered how people get their fruit to curl? One of life’s biggest mysteries in the cocktail and posh drinks industry. Try asking a bartender and their lips are sealed. Well, one of our technicians went undercover as a cocktail host and after 3 months of extensive training, without pay, he finally learned the secret. We have now designed the Fruitus cirlus so you don’t need to take 3 months out of work, and you can still show off with your curly fruit. I know, we have your best interests at heart at all times, why wouldn’t we? What we really love about the design of this tool, is that it is also curly - howz about that!?

CONTENTS: 1 exclusive Gin & Juice Fruit Curliwurlier.

HOW TO USE: As soon as you open the packaging, you could be forgiven for thinking your Fruit Curliwurlier is a plain and simple corkscrew. How we laugh when people suggest this to us, they don’t half feel silly when we tell them it isn’t! Slip the pointed end just under the surface of the skin of the fruit and kind of like twist it about a bit. This can take a lot of practice, but as they say, practice makes perfect.

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